This is a threat

Dear Berners who are saying they wont vote at all if Hillary get's the nomination, because you wont be able to reach the ballot from your high horse: I will fight you. Bare knuckled or with a weapon of your choice. And I will do so in the name of my daughter, wife, mom, every woman in this country, every member of the LGBT community, immigrants, minorities, people of color et al., because while the anti-establishment rhetoric does have it's place, and I most definitely agree with you on almost every point, I'm still not willing to risk the alternative when it comes to their rights. If you're willing to allow your sour-graped complacency to help a repugnant, racist, misogynist waltz his way into power to prove some kind of over-arcing idea of immediate and impossible change, I am willing to put you out of your (and my) misery. If you're thinking that your thinking is more solution than problem, and that thinking is so narrow as to force us into a new and greater problem, then that shit will fall at your feet.